Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why start blogging now?

First, I am not really a writer.

I have just arrived at a new place in my spiritual walk and position with God and He wants me to share it with others.

I had taken the last 8 months and explored what God wants of me. I left my job and spent 5 weeks searching for guidance, well more like explored what I wanted to do. Failure! I dove into so called ministry only to be pulled back by an injury that derailed my so called good works. I thought God wanted me to do something BIG for Him and I got bitter when nothing happened. Well, long story short, I finally went back to work and realized that the "where and what" I was searching for was no further away than my own doorstep. My wife of 29 years, my kids and my friends were the MAIN focus and so was my personal time with God!


And I need to spend my time in a daily walk with Him. I do not need to worry about things outside my control, but focus on those things right in front of me!

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